The Law Office of Reynaldo P. Morin houses some of the best criminal lawyer in San Antonio TX. People find themselves in precarious situations for several reasons. Arguments arise, and tempers can explode, and in the heat of the moment the police are called, and now someone is arrested.

Dropping an Aggravated Assault Charge in Texas- Not So Easy

Attempting to drop or have an aggravated assault charge dropped in the state of Texas can be difficult. If you are the defendant, you need to hire a San Antonio TX criminal lawyer, with extensive experience in handling assault cases. In other words, the outcome of your future is dependent upon the ability of your defense attorney.  Even if the victim changes his or her mind and asks for the charges to be dropped, the chances of that happening is almost zero. Prosecutors will often proceed with the assault charges, and even take the case to trial. While this may be devastating to some degree, do not despair.

Your defense attorney will need to present evidence in the case to prove your innocence. If the victim is willing to work with the defense attorney, your chances of having a favorable outcome increase significantly. Sometimes both parties may come together with an attorney and try to resolve the matter before it goes through the court system. Oftentimes, a prosecutor may decide to listen to both sides and agree to dismiss the case. If this scenario is not on the table, be prepared to fight for your life.

Hire An Experienced Lawyer with Experience-Knowledge-Professionalism 

Professionalism plays a vital part in presenting a client. However, in any courtroom in Texas, experience, and knowledge of how the law works, has the biggest impact. If you are facing an aggravated assault charge or if you are trying to try an assault charge dropped, do not hesitate to call the Law Office of Reynaldo P. Morin at (936) 559-7100. Our San Antonio criminal lawyer is here to help. Your freedom depends on it.