Being arrested by authorities for drug possession might have several negative consequences on your life. The guide below presents what can happen and what to do when accused of a drug crime in Texas.

What can happen when convicted of a drug crime?

You might be required to attend trials and court hearings after the arrest. As a consequence, you might be absent from work during the court dates. Drug charges might also contribute to licensing suspension or revocation, preventing you from doing ordinary jobs or receiving future employment. For such reasons, you need to inform your employer about the drug charges you face.

How employers approach drug convictions

Reasonable employers cannot take an immediate take on terminating your work contract once they hear about your drug possession arrest. However, depending on the seriousness of your charges, the employer might be prompted to take immediate action. In this case, the employer might have the following concerns:

  • Where they can send your paycheck if the judge incarcerates you
  • The amount of time you will require to resolve your criminal issue
  • If you can perform your duties as required.

Some workplaces have guidelines and rules on how they handle trials, arrests, and convictions. Fortunately, employers opt to provide the affected workers with personal leave to handle their legal issues, especially when the possible outcome entails community service and probation.

Your legal rights

When you are accused of committing a drug crime, you have a right to:

  • Restitution
  • Information about your release, imprisonment, sentencing, and conviction
  • To be available in all court proceedings related to your crime
  • To be notified about the court proceedings
  • Receive reasonable protection from the accuser
  • Protection from any unreasonable seizures and searches

Why hire a San Antonio TX Drug Crime Attorney?

A certified criminal attorney San Antonio TX, can provide the following services:

Explanation of circumstances: Every case is unique with varied circumstances, and it can follow any path during the trial phase. Luckily, a certified attorney from the Law Office of Reynaldo P. Morin PLLC will guide you about the extenuating circumstances of your case to prepare for your trial and sentencing.

Discuss legal implications: Texas outlines drug traffic trafficking as one of the serious crimes a person can commit. However, your sentencing will depend on your degree of involvement in the crime. The criminal defense attorney in San Antonio TX that you hire will guide you about the pleas and discuss the probable punishment you might receive.

Evaluation of evidence: The criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio TX will evaluate your evidence and file a case on your behalf. Using their expertise will analyze the evidence provided to assist you in receiving parole or a reduced sentence.