Children as young as ten can be charged as adults in Texas if they are accused of serious crimes. The district attorney decides to charge a child as an adult, who must consider factors such as the severity of the alleged offense and the child’s prior criminal history. If the district attorney decides to charge a child as an adult, the child will be tried in adult criminal court.

You may worry about your options if you or your loved one has been charged. The Law Office of Reynaldo P. Morin PLLC has taken the time to inform you about what the court does with teens charged as adults.

Teens Charged as Adults in Texas

In Texas, a teen can be charged as an adult if accused of severe crimes. Teens who are 17 or older will automatically be tried as adults. The severity of the crime, the teen’s prior criminal history, and whether the teen is a danger to the community are all factors that will be considered when deciding to charge a teen as an adult.

If the teen is under 17, the district attorney can still choose to charge the teen as an adult. If rehabilitation or juvie punishment is available to the teen, that will also be considered.

Automatic Transfer Offense

Some crimes require a child to be automatically charged as an adult. These “automatic transfer” offenses include capital murder, first-degree murder, and aggravated sexual assault. If you are located in Texas, you may want to rely on criminal lawyers San Antonio Texas.

young teen against wall with dirty hands and handcuffsPenalties if Found Guilty

If a child is convicted of a crime as an adult, they will be subject to the same penalties. This means a child could be sentenced to prison, fined, or both.

A child convicted of a capital offense—a crime punishable by death or life in prison—will be sentenced to life without parole. If retried as a juvenile and convicted, the child could be sentenced to detention until they are 19.

Is Your Teen Facing a Criminal Charge?

When dealing with a child being tried as an adult, you should rely on lawyers who fight CPS in San Antonio Texas. We can help assist with criminal defenses and have the knowledge to lower the severity of the charges. The criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio Texas have fought for our clients and understand the ins and outs of the criminal justice system.