The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO,) was originally meant to prosecute mobsters throughout the 1970s. Since then, it has been expanded and is now used to prosecute many types of enterprises, including corrupt cartels, gangs, police departments, and even the occasional politician. The Law Office of Reynaldo P. Morin plays a role in representing those apprehended under the RICO. A criminal defense attorney in San Antonio Texas will represent you if you are being accused of committing a RICO crime.

Any prosecutor can find a way to prove that a RICO crime was committed, but it is an experienced San Antonio criminal defense attorney that can navigate the murky waters of a RICO charge. ¬†According to this act, it is illegal to work for an enterprise that collects debts they aren’t qualified to collect, or one that engages in any activity considered to be racketeering.

Proving guilt requires the government to meet certain conditions. They must be able to present proof in court that there was an enterprise in place and that the actions of that enterprise caused an interference in interstate commerce. It also must be proven that the defendant in the case was not only participated in the enterprise, but also that they participated in or personally conducted racketeering activities. The person being charged must have committed two RICO predicate offenses within the span of 10 years, and the government must have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that they did.

A RICO crime was committed if an individual is guilty of 35 possible offenses. A San Antonio criminal defense lawyer can help you if you find yourself charged with any of them. They include bribery, especially if it involves government officials or corporations. Counterfeiting and several types of fraud, including financial, mail, and wire are also offenses that indicate a RICO crime has been committed.

Other offenses that fall under the umbrella of RICO include tracking illegal drugs, counterfeit items, and even human beings. In addition, obstruction of justice and tampering with a witness are also offenses punishable by law.

Your criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio Texas will know how to handle a case like this. They will advise you on how to move forward, whether you are innocent or guilty.