Alien Smuggling

Criminal Defense Attorney in Nacogdoches Texas


police arrest drug trafficker with handcuffsIt’s no secret that the Southwestern state with the longest border shared with Mexico is Texas. And while America is a storied destination for the tens of thousands of immigrants who arrive legally every year, there are countless others who come here illegally. Many times they are helped by individuals who are citizens of the US. These alien smugglers may assist illegal immigrants in crossing the border for a variety of reasons, ranging from a personal sense of obligation to financial gain in terms of payment from an invested party.

In some political climates, alien smuggling is taken very seriously. In others, law enforcement or border patrol agencies may take a less vigorous approach. But either way, it’s a federal offense with ten years of imprisonment. The charge of alien smuggling can sometimes fall upon an unsuspecting individual, such as someone who picked up a hitchhiker as a goodwill gesture, or crossed the border with an unknown passenger in the bed of their truck. In these kinds of situations, you need a good Nacogdoches criminal defense lawyer to help you out of accusations from the prosecution that don’t reflect your actual intentions.

Of course, you will also need a lawyer should you become involved or accused of any ancillary concerns around assisting illegal aliens in crossing the border—and these concerns can involve encouraging illegal immigration, harboring or hiding illegal aliens, transporting illegal aliens, or even just conspiring to smuggle illegal aliens across the border.

One of the more common areas of difficulty for which well-meaning individuals can find themselves in legal trouble is hiring undocumented workers who are actually illegal aliens. Hiring a worker or worker with no intention in getting involved with illegal alien smuggling can land you in hot water if it turns out they lack citizenship or visa. In occasions like that, it helps again to have a criminal defense lawyer in Nacogdoches Texas who is experienced in navigating these types of circumstances. 

Mr. Morin has over twenty years of experience in Texas Criminal Law, and can assist you in emerging from these types of cases unscathed or with mitigated damages.