Being arrested and charged with a crime is a frightening thing. If you have done what you are accused of and there is overwhelming evidence against you, then you may want to plead guilty. You will still need to hire a Nacogdoches DWI Lawyer. Your Nacogdoches DWI Attorney will help you through the process. 

It may seem counterintuitive to hire a DWI attorney in Nacogdoches TX for a guilty plea. However, there are good reasons to do so. First, your lawyer will ensure that you: 

  • Understand the charges against you 
  • Understand the penalties you face 
  • Understand the evidence the state has against you 
  • Plead guilty of your own free will 

Second, your lawyer will ensure that you are not the victim of overly aggressive and borderline illegal prosecution. Before you sign a plea agreement, your lawyer will ensure that the state’s evidence against you is indeed solid, and that all other investigative leads have been exhausted. 

Third, your attorney will ensure that you understand the long-term and non-judicial penalties that you may incur after your guilty plea, including: 

  • Loss of driver’s license 
  • Loss of professional license 
  • Loss of employment opportunities 
  • Loss of child custody 

Fourth, you will need a lawyer to negotiate the terms of the plea agreement. This is the most important duty of your attorney. There is always room for negotiation, especially if you have information that the prosecutors need to make a case against another person. If you are arrested for DWI and it is a first offense, you may do no time at all. 

Your lawyer’s job is to minimize the severity of the penalties. They will use their experience and expertise to work tirelessly on your behalf. If you have been arrested, you may feel trapped and demoralized. However, you should not sign any plea deal without speaking to a lawyer. Contacting a Nacogdoches TX DWI Lawyer at the Law Office of Reynaldo P. Morin can help you better understand your options.