For proper crime prevention, all people have an obligation to work together to help protect their community. One obligation that people should take seriously is the need to report a crime when they witness it.

In Texas, If you have witnessed a crime but did not report it, you could even face legal problems. The Law Office of Reynaldo P. Morin PLLC can provide support and consultation if you are in trouble for not reporting a crime.

Failure To Report a Crime Is a Misdemeanor

Generally, it is always a good idea to report a crime to law enforcement if you witness one. If you have witnessed a crime or have evidence that one has occurred, you could be charged with failing to report a crime β€” a misdemeanor. In some cases, you could even be considered an accessory to the crime.

police officers pointed to the handcuffs of offendersPenalties for Failure To Report a Crime

Penalization for failing to report a crime can be significant, even if it is only a misdemeanor. If it is determined that you did not report a crime, you could face financial penalties and even imprisonment. Punishment can be more significant if it is determined by not reporting the crime.

Need Help From Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Antonio Texas?

For those in the state of Texas and wondering if – β€œis it illegal to not report a crime?” there are various factors that should be considered. In some cases, not reporting a crime could even result in having your legal challenges.

When hiring criminal lawyers San Antonio Texas, residents can receive several forms of support for these charges. Criminal defense attorney Richard P. Morin PLLC will offer a full consultation on your charges and help develop a defense plan. They can then offer any services you need to understand this unique legal charge, establish the defense, negotiate a plea, or fight the charges.