Texas law stipulates that if you drive on the road while intoxicated with a child under the age of 15 years, in your case, you might be accused of a felony. You can learn the penalties of this crime and how the criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio TX can assist you.

Penalties for a DWI with a child passenger

Drivers who drive their vehicles while intoxicated and endanger a child passenger’s life will face different charges than when accused of driving alone while intoxicated. In Texas, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is considered a Class B misdemeanor, and driving drunk with a child is taken as a felony. That means when accused of a Class B misdemeanor, you can face a minimum of 180 days jail sentence and court fines of up to $10,000. Other penalties include:

  • Completion of a drug/alcohol rehabilitation or education course
  • Ensuring your case is installed with an ignition interlock device
  • Community service of up to 1,000 hours
  • Probation

Your legal rights

After DWI arrest, you have a right to:

  • To remain silent and avoid answering the questions asked by the police officers.
  • To immediately consult an attorney
  • Avoid answering questions that can incriminate you, and the police officers cannot force you to take a field sobriety test.
  • Refuse a breathalyzer test

It is critical that you should request to discuss your situation with a professional DWI attorney in San Antonio TX before you take any action that might be used to incriminate you.

Why hire criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio TX

Hiring a professional DUI attorney in San Antonio TX, from the Law Office of Reynaldo P. Morin PLLC is one of the critical steps you can undertake in protecting your constitutional rights while looking for justice for your crime. In this case, a certified DWI attorney in San Antonio, TX, will ensure that you receive a fair punishment, your driver’s license is reinstated, you are released, and you minimize the court fines. In summation, the attorney will assist in preparing for all your court appearances and handle other issues which might arise from your case.