In Texas, those arrested have the right to put up an amount of money for a bail bond so that they can remain free before their trials begin. You must not be arrested during this time.

Offenders are not required to pay the entire amount of the cash bail. They are entitled to pay a bail bondsman 10% of the bail amount, and the bail bondsman will post the bond for them.

Are There any Issues with This?

This system makes it possible for violent offenders with money to get out of jail, but it keeps poor, non-violent offenders in jail because they cannot afford to pay a bail bondsman. Keeping people in jail puts their jobs at risk and makes it more likely that they will commit another crime in the future. Prosecutors take advantage of this by making a “deal” with poor defendants by offering to release them immediately if they agree to plead guilty to the crime as charged.

Have There Been any Reforms in Texas?

Texas reformed the cash bail system recently that allowed the majority of defendants charged with a misdemeanor to be released without having to pay bail if they promise to return for their trials.
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