RICO — or the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act —  “pertains to breaches of Texas and Federal laws. It is the criminal act of engaging in illicit business or dealings operated as a portion of organized crime.”

RICO Crime Examples

Bribery, securities fraud, extortion, abduction, and other crimes are all examples of racketeering activities, as defined under the RICO legislation.

The prosecutor needs to prove that someone engaged in a trend of unlawful activities to convict them of racketeering. You need San Antonio TX Criminal Lawyers to assist you.

The prosecution also must establish the existence of a criminal business and show that its operations harmed interstate trade.

Possible Racketeering Penalties

A solitary charge of racketeering can result in a sentence of up to 20 years in imprisonment and a fine of approximately twice the amount of the accused’s illicit gains. Therefore, engage the services of a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer.

Nevertheless, if the underlying offense, such as murder, is punishable by life in prison, the court may enforce that term.

Furthermore, the government might seize any defendant’s property acquired or sustained through racketeering via asset forfeiture.

If a defendant’s purported racketeering appears to have resulted in the loss of money to another entity, the defendant could face prosecution for damages in a civil standing.

If the plaintiff’s civil complaint succeeds, the defendant could be held accountable for triple damages as well as the plaintiff’s legal fees.

In addition, if a corporation or other organization is determined to have participated in racketeering, a court has the authority to dissolve the entity.

Defending Against Racketeering

The arguments will vary based on the type of crime committed, such as:

  • The accused was not a participant in the criminal gang.
  • The defendant had no idea that his acts were aiding the criminal organization’s agenda.

What a Lawyer Can Do for You

The Law Office of Reynaldo P. Morin can assist you in deciphering the financial specifics of the case and challenging the prosecution’s proof. You will need the help of a criminal lawyer in San Antonio TX, when indicted for this offense.