The minimum sentence you can get for aggravated assault in TX is one year for a simple assault. A simple assault I classified as a Class A Misdemeanor. Nevertheless, the maximum time you can get for aggravated assault in Texas is between 2 to 20 years. The number of years you get depends on several mitigating factors, which include:

Serious bodily harm- Causing an injury that results in permanent bodily harm, life-threatening injuries, long-term body disfigurement, or impairment of bodily functions.

Using deadly weapons– The use of any type of weapon, blunt, sharp, flat, dull, wood, metal, or any other material is considered a deadly weapon, with an attempt to do bodily harm. Using a weapon can be fatal, so the charges will most likely be upgraded.

The most serious charges arise from an aggravated assault of a second-degree nature, making second-degree charges a felony. Assaults that are against a family member or someone in the household, or with someone whom an intimate relationship is ongoing, a law enforcement officer, a public servant, or a person who is set to testify against you, the charges could be anywhere from 2 years to 20 years.

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