What You Should Know About Plea Bargaining in Texas

Most criminal cases in the United States are settled through the plea bargain process. A plea bargain is an agreement made between a prosecutor and the defendant in a case. The defendant agrees that they will plead guilty to an offense in exchange for a lighter sentence from the prosecution side.

Although both sides stand to benefit from the agreement, you will be in a good position to negotiate for a better deal if you are well equipped with the right information. Besides, working with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney in Nacogdoches County Texas will make negotiations easy

Reasons why prosecutors offer plea bargains

There are several reasons why prosecutors decide to enter into plea bargains with defendants. One of the major reasons is the huge amount of cases being filed almost every day.

The justice system is often unable to meet the demand from the public. That’s why prosecutors and Nacogdoches criminal lawyers agree to plea bargains in order to lessen the burden.

Additionally, prosecutors are never sure of how a case may turn out if it makes a full trial. A case can easily take any directions – that may not favor them.

To prevent that from happening, a prosecutor will consult with a criminal defense attorney for a plea bargain.


After the prosecutor and the defendant have entered into a plea bargain, there are two things that are bound to happen. A case may be filed or the defendant may not necessarily have to take the plea in court.

It will be upon the criminal defense attorney to come negotiate with the prosecutor and reach an agreement that’s favorable to both parties. In a federal case, federal experience is paramount to a good resolution.

Reaching an agreement

Reaching an agreement may sometimes be difficult between the two parties. For example, if you have been charged with a drug offense, the prosecution side will have to agree with the terms proposed by a federal criminal defense attorney in Texas.

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