Parole and probation are the two main alternatives to incarceration. If you have run afoul of the law, you should understand the concept behind each of these alternatives as you make your way through the criminal justice system. A federal criminal defense attorney in Nacogdoches County Texas can give you even more insight into how parole and probation work and whether the one or the other is applicable to your case. 

Parole is a condition that is available to people who have been in prison for a period of time. If you are released on parole, you will be put under mandatory supervision and you will be required to adhere to a strict list of conditions. The latter is designed to reduce the risk of a repeat offense. Conditions of parole often include no alcohol, no driving, and no visiting certain areas in the community. You will also be required to report to your parole officer regularly and report any changes to your residency or work status. 

Probation differs from parole in that it can be an actual sentence. Rather than going to prison, you can be put on probation. However, there are instances in which you can be sentenced to jail and probation. 

If you are put on probation, you can carry on with life in your community under supervision. You may also have to carry out community service, attend counseling sessions, pay fines and restitution if you caused damage, and report to your probation officer regularly. You may also be forbidden from using alcohol or carrying a weapon. 

Nacogdoches criminal lawyers not only help people who have been charged with a crime, but they also help those who have been released from prison. A Nacogdoches probation attorney will help you keep within the boundaries of your parole or probation. Your Nacogdoches parole attorney will also help you challenge unfair or illegal impositions by your parole or probation officer. 

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